In the Office Kid Friendly

The Tangle Toy

Tangle is a well-known fidget toy that is very therapeutic and calming. It is a continuous movement that you just won’t want to put down – I have experienced this first hand. This toy may just seem directed towards children, but it is actually appealing to all ages, and many adults enjoy this as a stress reliever. Some have even said that it is like a “hands-on art experience.”

The Tangle toy has not only gotten its way into offices and family homes, but has also made its way into school programs. It is known to help kids with ADHD calm down and focus on their work, to help kids enhance their learning experience, and to help as a therapy device for kids. In schools, it is known as the “brain-tool” and has made a huge impact.

Now that you know what a tangle is and what it is used for, you can see why it would be a great promotional product. It is a unique and fun way to expose your company, and can be used as an office stress reliever, a toy at home, or in school programs. It can also be used on a keychain, giving great advertisement. This isn’t just another, ordinary promotional item, this is a toy that can be fun while making a difference and would be a great product to associate your company logo with!

LOGO Expressions

Glam-Up Your Drinkware!

60-805si-1-l-glitterThis new promotional mug with glitter imprint is a great way to catch people’s attention! This new style is available for ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic, and glass items. Many colors are also available and allow any company to make the drinkware custom to fit their own style.

Putting a company logo, motto, or web adress on a glitter imprint will get people’s intreset in a creative way. Glitter imprinting is a new style and will be unforgetable to customers and since it is not just an ordinary imprint, the drinkware will not blend in with all the others, giving the company maximum exposure.