Stubby Flashlight

We just got these new flashlights in. I have one of these flashlights everywhere in my house and even in my truck. They are small compact flashlights that fit in a drawer in your house or even in the center console of your truck or car in case you need one while out and about. The Stubby Flashlight is a pint-sized LED Powerhouse. It is a bright light that can be used for anything.  It is Short and Stout – Easy to carry and amazingly powerful. This egg-shaped, 6 LED masterpiece also comes with a lanyard for easy carrying.

LED Mag-Lights

Maglite FlashlightsOnce again those dark and gloomy days of winter are on the horizon. Brighten up your life with these new LED Mag-Lights! Available in standard and “mini” sizes…these lights are ready to shed some light on the holiday season. With four colors to choose from: Blue, Red, Grey, and Black, they make for the perfect gift. The 2DLED light is 10″ (l) x 1 5/8″ (d) barrel; 2″ 1/4″ (d) head. The imprint area is a 2 3/4″ (w) x 1″ (h) barrel; 1″ (w) x 1 7/16″ (h) head. The smaller, “mini” 2AALED is 6 5/8″ (l) x 3/4″ (d) barrel; 1″ (d) head. With an imprint area of 2 1/8″ (w) x 7/16″ (h) barrel; 3/4″ (w) x 5/8″ (h) head

Mag-lite Flashlights

Flashlights can be used for many different reasons, whether it is used to tell scary stories at the annual family camping trips or in case of emergencies around the office or at home.  Compass Industries, Inc. founded in 1937 has been serving American families for over 70 years. Their Mag-lite flashlight allows for more durability and gives the owner several different options of light distribution, it can be used as a spotlight, floodlight, or candle. The LED versions of the Mag-lite give off a brighter beam of light and have a longer battery/bulb life compared to traditional flashlight bulbs. The compact size of the Mag-lite allows for easy storage and spare bulbs can be stored in the tail cap of the flashlight. Compass Industries, Inc. has developed a unique technique of wrap-around logo engraving that allows the owner to put a personal touch on their new Mag-lite.