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The Ultimate Mouse

Nowadays a successful business must market itself throughout the country and sometimes even the world. This typically leads to constant traveling in airplanes or long car rides, and the use of a laptop is necessary. When these “road trips” get a little¬†bumpy the use of the mouse touch pad can get tiring and frustrating. Typical computer mice are too large and bulky to carry around while the USB plug-in mice chords can limit your movement and ability to control the mouse. The Freedom Wireless Optical Mouse does exactly what its name intends, it allows freedom of movement due to wireless technology. By simple plugging in its receiver the mouse works off wireless technology to work with your computer. This mouse also includes an automatic sleep function to prolong battery life. For easy storage the mouse includes a hidden compartment to store the USB connector, to reduce the chance of losing that piece. To customize this product the company has the option to silkscreen their logo onto the center of the mouse which makes it a prime product for trade shows or sale incentives.