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Printable Seeded Paper

seededpaper1Did you know that more than 900 million trees are cut down for raw materials for American paper? This is a problem that America is working on, but needs everyone’s help and involvement. If your company wants to be proactive and help reduce this problem, consider incorporating eco friendly marketing materials into your advertising, such as promotional seeded paper.

Printable seeded paper is handmade with post consumer recycled paper and contains Snapdragons, Catchfiess, Sweet Alyssums, Glorious and English daisies, and Corn Poppy seeds. Some suggestions for printable seeded paper are bookmarks, mailers, postcards, business cards, and magnetic business tents. Promotional seeded paper is perfect for any eco promotion and makes a great impression on customers, while helping to save the environment in a unique way. It allows any company to stand out among others and to send out a positive message and a sense of conservation to their employees and customers.