4 Port USB Hub!

Do you always run out of USB ports? Well now this adorable 4 port USB hub will solve all your problems.  You can quickly turn 1 USB port into 4 ports with this hub. The cute head can also be used as a post it holder. This is perfect to have if multiple phones need to be charged, if you have multiple devices that need to be plugged into your computer, or just some cute decor for your desk! This product comes with the hub, a stand, and a 35″ USB cable. This port also has MP3 and SD readers. Also, you can put your logo on this great product! So from now on you don’t have to worry about how many ports you have because the amount can be endless!

Keychain Swivel USB Car Charger

Are you always forgetting to bring a phone charger when you are on the go? Well you don’t have to worry anymore! With this new keychain you will always have a car charger on you. It can plug into your car and keep any USB powered device charged while you are driving. All you need is your USB cord! These cool keychains come in red, royal blue, or black. You will never have to be on the go with a dead phone again! You can add your logo and make this an excellent promotional gift as well. This item will be on sale until August 31, 2014.

Dishwasher Safe Technology and You

Have you ever been afraid of what lies under the keys of your keyboard, or what germs are thriving on the mouse?  Now you may have peace of mind with the antimicrobial-washable keyboard and mouse.  These specially patented items are dishwasher safe.  The keyboard and 5 button mouse are manufactured from SILVER SEAL Antimicrobial plastic and silicon, respectively, and use SEAL SHIELD waterproof technology.  The antimicrobial keyboard protects users between washings from cross contamination infections.  The USB connector is 24k gold, he keys are laser etched  and the custom drain holes make it dishwasher safe.  The mouse has left, right and 3 button SEAL SCROLL system with page grabber technology.  It also has a 24k gold USB Connector, ergonomic feel and is dishwasher safe.

These state-of-the-art technological advancements were specifically designed for healthcare staff, automotive and educational industries. Hospitals, school and offices are breeding grounds for sickness.  Help protect your staff, students and yourself and upgrade.  These quality products would even make a great corporate gift.

Executive Book Light

The Executive Book Light is a compact book light perfect for travel, or late night reading. With a push of a button an LED light illuminates a focused area, causing little to no distraction to others in the vicinity. The lightweight and compact book light has a stainless steel bookmark clip. Three button batteries included so this is not a one time use, flimsy promotional product, but a high quality, reusable one. Now you can “burn the midnight oil” in a safer way to finish that book, magazine, conference notes or agenda. Perfect for plane or bus rides and promoting your company.

Music on the go

This mini i-pod and mp3 holder is the perfect promotional item for mass distribution.  This summer people will be out and about and of course, listening to music.  This holder comes with an adjustable arm band so it can easily go with you as you exercise.  The Velcro flap will keep the devise secure even while jogging.  Music is a universal theme and this promotional product can appeal to all people no matter what age, gender or affiliation.

This item is silkscreened and has a wide variety of colors to choose from.  Some of those colors include gold, blue, purple, red, teal, white and yellow.  The holder itself is black and 3″ wide and 4-3/4″ tall.  At $2.99 each and rush order available, this is the perfect tradeshow item.

Cosmos Multi-Function L.E.D. Light

This small and compact, H 4.875″ x W 1.875″ x L 0.875,” brand new flashlight is one of a kind.  It’s multi-function capabilities include dual red emergency flashers, an L.E.D. flashlight beam, 8-L.E.D. lantern, a compass, and a wrist lanyard. There are 4 AAA batteries included.  It comes in silver and is made of stainless steal. This durable product would make a memorable gift at a convention, trade show, or as a corporate gift.  A location may be imprinted in one color on the side of the Cosmos Multi-Function L.E.D. Light.  Take it hiking, camping, or in a motor home: this product will be put to use and remembered.

The High Sierra Portable Charging Station

chargingstationbackground.jpgThe High Sierra Portable Charging Station has two internal side compartments to hold tech items such as PDAs, MP3 players, and smartphones.  A front cup folds out for additional storage.  Elastic bands hold tech items in place during travel to minimize jostling and abrasions.  The easel stand keeps the charging station upright when in use at home, work, a hotel, or abroad.  What is great about this concept is that chords may be stored in this design and taken with you, not to be left behind on vacation or a business trip.  Instructions are included.  This product includes one color and one location color imprint centered on top flap (1.5″x1.5″).  It also comes with a High Sierra gift box. The perfect gift for conferences, conventions, or as a corporate gift.  Great for travelers. 

Golf Apparel: New Technology and Increased Popularity…. Part 4 of 4

Golf apparel comes in a variety of styles, materials, and technologies to help you stay cool, comfortable and looking good. Along with the presence on the course, golf clothing is quite popular in the corporate world. Golf shirts are commonly worn as corporate apparel in the business casual environment.

Today, more research is going into designing golf apparel to address the specific needs of golfers. Moisture-wicking and stretch fabrics are a couple of the latest trends that offer a higher level of performance and comfort. Technical fabrics such as the sensor cool fabric by the Ping Collection of Golf Shirts have become very popular. The golf shirt acts like a radiator; as the body temperature increases the pores in the fabric expand permitting the shirt to breathe. As the body temperature decreases, the pores in the fabric contract to store body heat. In addition to these fabrics, Dunbrooke offers a variety of performance golf apparel that provides UV protection. Some golf garments even have small pockets for golf tees and extra golf balls.

The new technologies and styles also make the shirts, jackets and caps well-liked in the corporate world. Therefore, the wearer does not have to be a golfer to enjoy the same benefits. The many designs, materials and technologies offer the same comfort, fit, and level of performance on the golf course as well as the office.