Bullet Line Introduces the “PenAgain”

Bullet Line PenAgainThe “PenAgain” provides welcome relief to people with hand disorders such as arthritis and to those of us who just have a lot to write. This revolutionary pen design prevents writer’s cramp and calluses while allowing you to write effortlessly as it glides along the paper. Your fingers need only provide the lightest pressure, making it easy and comfortable to use. The four different PenAgain styles include the Glidelighter which is avaiblable in three fluorescent colors, the Original featuring a pocket clip and retractable cap, the Ergo-Sof with a solid or translucent soft rubber coating, and the Lanyard featuring a break-away safety rope. Named as Product of the Year by Retailing Today Magazine, this innovative pen serves as both a great gift idea as well as an innovative promotional item for any new or established company. View more information about the PenAgain

Nurses Assistant Day Promotional Product Idea

First Aide Kit Fanny PackThis nurse’s fanny pack is a great item filled with all the essentials needed for small injuries. The main compartment comes equipped with scissors and pen loops. The six inch elastic pocket is perfect for bandages or antiseptic creams. There are also two web loops with Velcro for attaching tape rolls or ace bandages. If for any reason this item is not worn as a fanny pack, there is a belt loop so it can also fit in a car seat as a first aid kit. Don’t forget, Nurses Assistant Day is coming up the first Thursday of June. This product is a perfect gift for nurses, nurse’s assistants, Red Cross Volunteer’s, and even play ground coaches.

Season Weepul for Saint Patrick’s Day

Season WeepulThis fuzzy miniature mascot is ideal for anti-pinching protection this St. Patrick’s day and also makes a great decoration. With an adhesive bottom and a printed ribbon attached, it can be placed anywhere and will stay wherever you put it. With it’s goofy feet and large eyes, it can brighten up your desk, and keep an eye on your good pens when you are out of your office.

Digital Sudoku

Promotional Imprtintable Sudoku Electronic GameThis digital sudoku is a popular game that you will enjoy playing, because it is stylish and has an easy to use touch tone screen! A great promotional product idea for Doctor’s Day, recognition awards, trade shows or even an anniversary gift! To play just fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3×3 box contains the digits one through nine. This little piece of technology is a must have item, that will boggle your mind all day long!

High-Tech gifts for the Holidays

MP3 PlayerHigh-Tech gifts, electronics, music players, and computer accessories are as popular as ever and are ideal gifts for the Holiday season.  Here is a MP3 Player that supports multiple formats (MP1, MP2, MP3, and WMA’s) and is equipped with FM radio. It features automatic sleep timer, built-in electronic phone book, E-Book, voice recorder, and a 1.5″ LCD display screen.

Fall Promotional Items… Mugs and Thermos’ still popular

Promotional ThermosTravel mugs and thermos-type drink ware are great ideas for corporate gifts, fall promo items, event planning products, and more. These popular and widely used products will go a long way with your client/customer.  Whether driving to work, going to weekend soccer games, or attending your next corporate meeting, they definitely come in handy. I love my travel mugs and more than half of them that I own are in fact promotional gifts.  I am still using some for years; and make note, that quality is important.  I have had some of my favorite ones with logos that have rubbed off in a matter of weeks and months.

Promo travel mugGood logo placement and quality artwork will make that last impression with your customers. Here are great ideas for Travel Mugs, Thermos items, and Fall Promotional products

Chocolate, Oh Chocolate… II

Chocolate PromotionAbout 6 months or so ago, I posted to our blog about the use of promotional chocolate for both promo items and corporate gifts, adding that your gift will stand out and make a lasting impression.  In a recent article “Corporate Gifts: Dark Chocolate Is In”, from ASICentral website states, “Dark chocolate is in this year as the holiday corporate gift season approaches”. With the help of recent news of dark chocolate possesing flavanols, which are anti-oxidants that can help improve blood flow and aid in lowering the risk of blood clots, popularity has risen. According to Datamonitor’s Productscan Online, the introductions of dark chocolate from candy makers has doubled the number in 2002 and sales are predicted towards a 29% increase.

Chocolate, Oh Chocolate

Chocolate Promotional ItemI recently saw a post on the MIT AdLab blog about chocolate and it triggered my thoughts of what a great promotional item chocolate is. It is a great way to express your logo, and your customer will not only appreciate it, but will remember it! We can help you create a unique, one-of-a-kind gift for your company or organization. A beautifully engraved logo, message, or artwork will make your gift stand out every time. The combination of your unique design and the exquisite flavor of 100% Premium Belgian Chocolate ensure your Custom Collection gift will make a lasting impression. Chocolate Promo Products
Check out our chocolate selection next time you want to send that special gift. Here are a couple more ideas: chocolate golf balls and chocolate medallions… or choose from a variety of shapes and sizes

Happy Valentine’s Day from Logo Expressions

Valentine's Day Long Lasting RosesHere is a gift product from ‘Ever Roses’ for that special Valentine or maybe as a nice corporate gift. Long lasting preserved flowers. These beautiful flowers are harvested at rose farms and are enhanced using a life extending process, capturing the beauty and essence of the flowers as they begin to open. You can have real roses with a variety of colors to choose from, and they will remain beautiful and vibrant for months and months…. just place them in a dry vase and enjoy.

Santa Style Bobblehead

Santa BobbleheadThis is a fun and unique holiday gift just in time for Christmas. A Santa bobblehead with a picture frame in which you can add your own favorite picture. A cute inexpensive gift great for the family, relatives, and co-workers.

There are a variety of other bobbleheads with this same feature of adding a custom picture in the head. Prices range from $4 to $7 depending on type and size of order.