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Game Day Cooler

What are your plans for the 4th of July? Well, whatever you are doing it is right around the corner and what better way to get ready for it than with the perfect cooler! This cooler is ideal for barbeques, the beach, picnics, tailgates, and more. It is going to be a hot summer so it is important to keep your drinks cold. There are also two side pockets to pack some snacks! This cooler has a capacity of 24 cans and has a perfect front surface to put your company logo. Enjoy your summer and promote your company with this awesome cooler!

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Utterly Ridiculous!

Calling all animal lovers! We have some awesome animated sports packs ready for your logo!  These cute and adorable drawstring backpacks come in a variety of animals ranging from domestic creatures to wild animals! These backpacks are definitely a conversational item! They implement the smallest of details to contribute to each animal’s unique characteristics. Imprint your logo on these bad boys before it is too late! It would be a perfect gift to students with a matching mascot or a fun, creative way to gift bag some sweets to party goers! These backpacks aren’t only for kids though; Adults may use them as a gym bag or duffle for the dog necessities when going on a walk. We can all find reasons to utilize another back pack but we might as well make it a cute one!

Animal Sportpacks

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Kickoff the Season with Some Fun!

Football season is just around the corner and with all the games and tailgating going on you want to be as prepared as possible for fun! Have some preseason games of your own. Grab your Large Aero Football and toss it around! This football is easy to grip and aerodynamic, which makes for great throws!  For a growing business, put your company’s logo on it and give it away at events! Your business’s name gets out and your potential customers have a blast! Build forever-lasting memories with anyone using this foam football.  Keep your summer going and order your Large Aero Footballs today! This fun football is sure to score that winning touchdown with your family or your business!

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A Bear Hug on a Much Smaller Scale

Sick of that pesty condensation ring your favorite drink left behind? Those small water droplets can turn into a nasty puddle before you know it leaving devastation in its path. If you’re sick of hunting for a coaster, or really would rather avoid it, why not give your beverage a bear hug on a much smaller scale in Numo’s fabulous knitwear… for bottles! Just like your favorite pair of socks, the Zino will fit your drinks every curve! Whether your bottle sports a neck like a giraffe, or the build of a linebacker, we have you covered. Be sure to pick yours up today and don’t forget your company logo! With the Zino knitted bottle cover, not even awesome advertising opportunities are too much of a stretch.

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Have A “Cooler” Summer

Those hot summer days can sometimes be unbearable, but something no one should have to endure is lugging a huge, burdensome cooler back and forth from different destinations. Think of all the times you strained yourself to carry this huge cooler to the beach, a family gathering, or even a hefty tradeshow/convention. Imagine how much easier it would be to be able to carry your beverages in one handy, little tote bag. You could spend all your time enjoying summer, fun-filled activities! For businesses, use the bag to your advantage and offer customers a drink, along with a tote bag of their very own. The Cooler Tote RX comes in Royal Blue and Black; however, no bag is complete without your logo printed on the front. Live the life of luxury with no strains on your body, throw it in a tote bag and head over to Summer Town!

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Water, Water Everywhere… But Infusions What I Drink

With Summer time approaching fast and the heat with it, water seems to be what people drink on those long, hot days. It does look like people are starting to dress their water up a little bit, everywhere I go there is cucumber water or some kind of fruit infused water like lime, lemon, or mint instead of just plain water. The up side?  They taste great, give us vitamins and we are getting water too. The down side? You have to get it somewhere (inconvenient) or you can make it at home, which means making a giant pitcher of it, and then being stuck with a lot of that flavor. If only there was a water bottle that let you choose to put whatever flavor combination you wanted in it, and just have a serving of it and be done. Well it is here, the new infuser water bottles gives you all the options in the world. Plus, the added feature of being able to add your companies logo or personal message to make the bottle and the water truly yours. With a large infuser perfect for loading up with whatever your tongue’s palette can throw at it. Whether it is a vanilla-mint morning kickstart, or a strawberry-kiwi wind down after a long workout. A berry bombardment or a simple light lemon flavor. The flavor combinations are as endless as your imagination, and just as delicious. Now there is no more need for saying, “Water is so plain and flavorless…”, instead let us start saying things like, “What flavor water do I want today?” and  “My water is as individual as I am.”

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Humorous Hand Sanitizers!

Boost Your Company’s Image with These Fun Hand Sanitizers

snorkel character hand sanitizer
Fun Snorkel Head!


For your summer camp….
Kids, teachers, and camp counselors alike will love to clip these fun hand sanitizers to their lanyard, belt, or backpack. What a fun and convenient way to transport hand sanitizer. Comes with handy clip and fun little character head with cute snorkel and mask.


Hand Sanitizer with Kid Head
Fun Kid Head!

For your sports team….
What a great promotional product for your soccer, baseball, or football team! Or how about getting your summer camp’s logo imprinted on these memorable hand sanitizers! Any logo will look great on the 2″ x 1.5″ imprint area.



Funny Lady Hand Sanitizer
Funny Lady Hand Sanitizer

For hotel guests, resort patrons, spa lovers….
A clever way to get your logo recognized is to have it emblazoned on the side of this funny and silly hand sanitizer – perfect for summer! A destined conversation piece.




Hand Sanitizer with Gold Head
Golf Head Hand Sanitizer

For your golf event, fundraiser, or light-hearted corporate gift….
Any fun loving golfer would love the chance to clip this hand sanitizer to their gold bag and get a few laughs. Boost your company’s brand by making people laugh and get the functionality of a cool hand sanitizer on the go.



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National Volunteer Week

I once heard someone say, “Volunteers are not unpaid because the work they do is worthless but because it is priceless”.  April 10 – 16 is National Volunteer Appreciation Week and one more opportunity to give thanks to those who give their time to forward your efforts. A small token of appreciation goes a long way to bonding ongoing volunteer relationships. A thank you gift in the form of a jotter, useful tote or a travel mug is something that is not a large investment but has a value that the volunteer will cherish. Custom imprinted items are memorable and something a volunteer can take away from the service or event and know you value their work. Don’t miss the chance to say thanks to those who care about your mission.

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Sweatshirt Water Bottle

sweatshirtbottleCool, new promotional product for schools, universities and community events.  It’s the Bio-DPS biodegradable water bottle covered with a hooded sweatshirt.  It comes in three colors including white, gray and blue.  Not only is it a fun product but also very useful.  The sweatshirt can display your school or company logo and has a handy front pocket to keep some stuff in.  Awesome new product that is sure to please your audience. Now don’t you want one?  I sure do.
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Save Water, Energy, Money, And The Earth

Shower TimerDid you know that every ten minutes in the shower you could be wasting over 30 gallons of water? This five minute shower timer is a simple way to monitor how long you really spend in there. This shower timer can save you water, energy, money and help prevent water shortages. The shower timer is a great giveaway to show  your eco friendly support. Everyone can use extra money, why not stop wasting it down the drain? Great gift for coporate offices, healthcare, schools, tradeshows, and events!