A Versatile Container to Change Your Life!

  • Up to 60% of the human body is water
  • The brain is composed of 70% water
  • The lungs are nearly 90% water

But….. back when I was a kid I drank sodas, Tang, Kool-aid, and milk (but only when it was left over in the bowl from my sugar cereal)! Water was the most boring beverage and never a top pick. A few years back when I got into surfing, I began bringing a huge water jug to the beach with me. My plastic water bottle went everywhere with me – school, beach, camping, work, and especially the gym. Then the big announcement came out about the dangerous BPA chemicals that can seep out of the plastic and into your beverage. Yikes! I made a big switch to a handy little stainless steel water bottle, and again, it became my trusty beverage side kick…. Nowadays plastic water bottles and aluminum bottles are safe and transport great. But today, I discovered my latest, greatest new side-kick!

Introducing my new friend, h2go Glass!

h2go Glass Comes in 3 Awesome Sizes

10oz Glass Container
10oz Glass Container
16oz Glass Container
16oz Glass Container
18oz Glass Container
18oz Glass Container

And check out this cool lid imprint too:

Lid for Glass Container
Lid for Glass Container








I’m all about versatility, and the h2go Glass is the antidote to keeping an organized and healthy life. h2go Glass containers can be used to savor any beverage you like – get this… they come in single wall and double walled for awesome insulation that’ll keep your drink warm all day.  And when you’re not using it to sip tea, coffee, or a hot chocolate, why not store nuts, jelly beans, cotton balls, anything and everything.  Your cold drinks will stay chilled too, without that telltale condensation ring on your desk.

Come to think of it, these would make clever gift items too – put your imprint on the classy glass container (why not do a custom wrap-around imprint and really make an impact), fill it with something delectable and once the goodies are gone, you’ve still got a lovely glass container  – one even comes with a tea strainer that you can use for loose leaf teas!

I’ll keep you posted about my blast with glass, my glass-tastic voyage, my jug journey, and beverage blog. I’d love to hear your replies to this post about other novel uses for this cylindrical dream come true!


Custom Mouse Pads

I just got a new mouse pad that i use everyday. Sitting at a desk everyday it makes it easier to move my mouse around on my customized mouse pad. We all know that mouse pads are a great item, they occupy prime real estate and have a huge surface area to display a lot of information. They work well for companies that need to give out everyday information to their clients because instead of looking for a paper, the client is able to just look down at their mouse pad and find out all the information that they need. By getting a recycled fabric mouse pad you can help out the environment. Custom Mouse Pads are the way to go when looking for a promotional product to give to your clients.

Letter Opener, Brush, Screen Cleaner

Forget having to hassle with paper-cuts, gritty keys on your keyboard, and those annoying smudges all over your computer screen. This versatile tool can solve all of your mail problems both electronic and paper. This 3 in 1 tool retracts to a pocket sized 2 11/16”W x 2 1/16”H, when expanded the brush extends to a full size of 3 3/8” W x 2 1/16”H. Get your company’s logo imprinted on the 1-3/4”W x 5/8”H imprint area to ensure that your customer’s know you care about all their mail related needs. Colors include translucent blue, red, orange, and black.

Celebrate Earth Day April 22nd with Eco-Friendly Promotional Gifts!

Opinion Research Corporation found that occasional small perks boost employee  morale even more than the less frequent expensive perks  like big holiday parties, etc. that may not be in your company’s current budget.   These eco-friendly notebooks are handy for jotting down lists, reminders, and staying organized while promoting your company to everyone who sees the custom logo or message imprint.     V-Natural™ Kraft Geo Jotters make thoughtful, useful gifts that will be seen over and over again.

Go Green & Make a Difference!

These Jotters are perfect Earth Day gifts for your employees and customers, as well as spreading an eco-friendly image for your business.  They are  made from 50% post-consumer recycled materials that would have filled landfills.  These notebook & pen sets make fun promotional items because they come in colorful graphics of Red, Orange and Lime, and prints such as Lady bugs, Geometric shapes,  or Leaves.  They are spiral bound with a hard  cover, lined pages,  an elastic band closure, and a free pen!  If you need it fast it qualifies  for free rush delivery. You can even increase your name or message exposure  with a coordinating Jute-Shopper with leaves and lady bug patterns.

Stay Healthy, Be Happy

handsanitizersWith flu season knocking on our door and the H1N1 virus affecting more and more people each day it is important to protect yourself from these harmful viruses. Besides washing your hands, and getting the proper shots, hand sanitizer is the most effective way to kill the bacteria that comes from simply touching everyday items. You may think public restrooms are the most unsanitary places ever; although this is true ATMs, elevator buttons, and phone receivers contain just as much if not more bacteria. Yuck!

Natural Trends new hand sanitizers you can kill 99.9% of the germs on contact. Natural Trends sanitizers 62% alcohol formula is made in the good old USA . So when you think about it you can protect yourself from harmful bacteria and help the economy at the same time! Natural Trends also offers many styles and sizes of dispensers that range from 64oz to .5oz. To give these hand sanitizers personal touch have your company logo imprinted on the bottle; this simple addition makes them the ideal promotional product at trade shows. Don’t waste time and take the precautions necessary to protect yourself, your co workers, and your family.

Flu Protection with Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitizer

This hand sanitizer pen combination is the perfect promotional item for fighting the spread of the H1N1 virus at schools, gyms, and conventions. The FDA approved sanitizer spray kills germs and helps prevent infecting people with the flu virus. For people constantly on the go, hand sanitizer is a must have product to reduce the amount of bacteria that comes in contact with your hands.

The Crown Products hand sanitizer pen combo is a great way to promote your organization, stay healthy, and have a pen handy. The compact size of Hand Sanitizer Pen Combo, 5-1/8 inches, allows you to store it virtually anywhere making it perfect for travel. The pen portion of this product is a refillable blue ball point pen; ideal for trade shows, conferences, and conventions. This product is also available in four translucent colors; including blue, red, green, and frost.  Imprinting your company logo on the sanitizer pen combination creates a promotional item that people are sure to use and appreciate.

2oz Bottles for only $0.97 also available! Check out all of our hand sanitizer specials.

Chocolate Gifts

Chocolate InnDuring the holiday season it is always nice to spread cheer through your office by giving your employee’s a gift to let them know you care and appreciate the work that they do. When searching for the perfect office gift you don’t want to spend too much money and buy everyone a new car, but you don’t want to just give everyone a new stack of post it notes either. A gift that everyone will appreciate is a Chocolate Inn 2 oz bag of Chocolate! You can chose whether you want to give these little holiday delights in a gold or silver bag and what’s inside. Chocolate Inn offers four different varieties of chocolate treats; Chocolate Espresso Bean, Dark Chocolate Almonds, Milk Chocolate Cashews, or Bridge Mix. The Kosher Certified Premium Swiss Chocolate products have an incredibly long shelf-life of one year. The bags themselves can be customized with your company logo making them even more personal.

Customizable USB People!

usb-people-copyLooking for a creative company gift or giveaway? USB People are entirely customizable to look how you want, they can even wear a shirt with your logo on it! The different look combinations must be in the millions, and the creative designs are sure to awe everyone who receives one. There are even custom USB People to look like Doctors, Nurses, Businessmen, and many more. Out are the old boring USB drives and in are the new fun, useful, and creative USB People! These USB drives range in size from 64MB to 8GB and are a great gift for anyone.

New Promotional Product for 2009 – Cube Pen Calendar

1821Check out this new product for 2009.  It’s the cube pen calendar! Talk about a unique giveaway item.  It has the upcoming year calendar on it which comes in handy all year long.  This pen for sure will stay in sight on your customer’s desk/pen holder.  Not only it useful product but also unique item that the customer will enjoy. 4color process printing is offered on the pen to show off your company logo. And let’s not forget that the cubes rotate to add that distinctiveness to this item.

Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Check out this unique whiteboard that clears desktop clutter and is an efficient space saving message center. Modern and hi-tech design makes it a perfect compliment in any work environment. Easily attaches to any surface with the provided mounting hardware. Large imprint area on an item that is guaranteed to get a lot of attention. The accessories with powerful magnets are available through the deluxe kit or a la carte, and they can also be imprinted. The deluxe kit includes all of the important office accessories, and they’re all magnetic! Included are a stapler, staple remover, paper clip dispenser and a pen holder. Each item comes with an imprint, and they are individually gift boxed. The accessories can also be ordered individually with an imprint and gift box.