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Play Time!

pufferpenguin“Toyland, toyland/ Little girl and boy land/ While you dwell within it/ You are ever happy there”. Like an old and familiar song, there is nothing more comforting than a toy. Think about it, we loved toys while we were younger; but even as we grow older they still bring us joy. Now toys can bring joy to your business as well as your heart with these new and fun promotional toys! One fun toy is irresistibly squishy and will make and perfect desk companion and fast friend with all whom it meets! Who are these adorable creatures, you ask? They are puffer pets! Puffer pets are soft and sweet-scented characters that come as penguins, puppies, bears, dinosaurs, funny monsters, and friendly frogs! Each pet is available in a rainbow of colors, including neon! With a large imprint space on the adorable pet’s belly, these critters are not just a great furry friend, but the perfect promotional product as well! Another great promotional toy is a flying critter! The flying critter has elastic like feet and hands which allow you to shoot them across the room like a rubber band! They come in many adorable shapes including monkey and sock monkey! This cute critter will entertain both children and adults for hours making time simply fly by! These fun flinging friends also come imprinted with your logo so all will see your message as this great toy comes flying by! These fun, promotional toys are perfect for business that work with children or parents. These great toys will not only spread the spirit of fun, but your business message as well!

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Holiday Promotional Gifts

The holidays are fast approaching, and you know what that means…it’s time for wonder, wishes to come true, and presents! This season when you are looking for promotional gifts, think stuffed animals. A holiday stuffed animal is a great gift that can last, be used all year, and is versatile. A holiday animal can be a furry friend, a holiday decoration, a desk companion and much more.  It is a perfect gift for friends, family, and co workers of all ages. Each animal is adorned with a cozy piece of clothing such as a sweater or bandanna that displays a cheery holiday message from you and your company.Show you care this year by giving out these unique, holiday stuffed animals to those on your gift list. These quality imprinted animals are available in over 100 different styles and sizes. Spread holiday joy this season with these fun promotional stuffed animals!

In the Office Kid Friendly

The Tangle Toy

Tangle is a well-known fidget toy that is very therapeutic and calming. It is a continuous movement that you just won’t want to put down – I have experienced this first hand. This toy may just seem directed towards children, but it is actually appealing to all ages, and many adults enjoy this as a stress reliever. Some have even said that it is like a “hands-on art experience.”

The Tangle toy has not only gotten its way into offices and family homes, but has also made its way into school programs. It is known to help kids with ADHD calm down and focus on their work, to help kids enhance their learning experience, and to help as a therapy device for kids. In schools, it is known as the “brain-tool” and has made a huge impact.

Now that you know what a tangle is and what it is used for, you can see why it would be a great promotional product. It is a unique and fun way to expose your company, and can be used as an office stress reliever, a toy at home, or in school programs. It can also be used on a keychain, giving great advertisement. This isn’t just another, ordinary promotional item, this is a toy that can be fun while making a difference and would be a great product to associate your company logo with!

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Humorous Hand Sanitizers!

Boost Your Company’s Image with These Fun Hand Sanitizers

snorkel character hand sanitizer
Fun Snorkel Head!


For your summer camp….
Kids, teachers, and camp counselors alike will love to clip these fun hand sanitizers to their lanyard, belt, or backpack. What a fun and convenient way to transport hand sanitizer. Comes with handy clip and fun little character head with cute snorkel and mask.


Hand Sanitizer with Kid Head
Fun Kid Head!

For your sports team….
What a great promotional product for your soccer, baseball, or football team! Or how about getting your summer camp’s logo imprinted on these memorable hand sanitizers! Any logo will look great on the 2″ x 1.5″ imprint area.



Funny Lady Hand Sanitizer
Funny Lady Hand Sanitizer

For hotel guests, resort patrons, spa lovers….
A clever way to get your logo recognized is to have it emblazoned on the side of this funny and silly hand sanitizer – perfect for summer! A destined conversation piece.




Hand Sanitizer with Gold Head
Golf Head Hand Sanitizer

For your golf event, fundraiser, or light-hearted corporate gift….
Any fun loving golfer would love the chance to clip this hand sanitizer to their gold bag and get a few laughs. Boost your company’s brand by making people laugh and get the functionality of a cool hand sanitizer on the go.