Turn a Planner Into a Promotional Product

TipinPagesLMonthly planners are the most widely used gift item across every industry. Planners are a practical product that helps clients stay organized on a daily basis. Imprinted monthly planners not only benefit the customers; they also make  great promotional items featuring your company name and logo on the cover for everyone to see every day. Promotional Pages can be added to each planner. A promotional page is  a custom printed page that is inserted at the front or the back of the planner. Promotional Pages are great for enhancing your idea, message, or information with corporate logos, dedications, coupons, location information, charts, and photographs that help represent your company.

Customizing and personalizing standard promotional planners will vividly express an advertisement within your calendars. These unique planners stand out among the others and take your promotional product marketing campaign to a whole new advertising level. Adding promotional pages to planners turns a regular book into a unique promotional tool that will provide valuable exposure for your company.

Promotional Calendars

calendar_collageA great advertising tool that is cost effective and has fantastic exposure for a company is a promotional calendar. A calendar might seem simple, but it is in fact one of the best advertising techniques. Calendars stay with a customer for an entire year and exposes a company’s name and logo each time that customer writes an appointment or memo. They are practical for any customer and is seen more as a gift than a sales promotion.

Calenders come in many different styles and a company can customize their calendar to reflect their business or even promote an important cause. The great thing about promotional calendars is that once the year is up, the customer will need a replacement and will most likely ask for one for the following year. The amount of face time a calendar provides for a company is incredible and it only costs a penny a day per calendar impression, which is a great deal for what our economy is today. A promotional calendar definitely increases company awareness, rewards good customers, and stretches advertising dollars.

Printable Seeded Paper

seededpaper1Did you know that more than 900 million trees are cut down for raw materials for American paper? This is a problem that America is working on, but needs everyone’s help and involvement. If your company wants to be proactive and help reduce this problem, consider incorporating eco friendly marketing materials into your advertising, such as promotional seeded paper.

Printable seeded paper is handmade with post consumer recycled paper and contains Snapdragons, Catchfiess, Sweet Alyssums, Glorious and English daisies, and Corn Poppy seeds. Some suggestions for printable seeded paper are bookmarks, mailers, postcards, business cards, and magnetic business tents. Promotional seeded paper is perfect for any eco promotion and makes a great impression on customers, while helping to save the environment in a unique way. It allows any company to stand out among others and to send out a positive message and a sense of conservation to their employees and customers.

Cost per Impression of Promotional Products

We have just received data stating that promotional products are an excellent alternative to more expensive advertising. A survey conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) found that the average cost per impression of an advertising specialty (Promotional Item) is $0.004. Promotional items like calendars and grocery bags actually have a lower cost per impression at about $0.002. We like grocery bags with a company logo imprinted on the front side of each bag for two reasons. One, many grocery bags are reusable, eliminating the need for plastic bags every time we purchase items at the grocery store. Two, grocery bags have a large imprint area allowing the logo to be viewed by many patrons. We also like calendars because they are inexpensive (many are less than $2.00 each) and your logo is in front of potential customers 12 months out of the year. The average cost of $0.004 per impression make promotional products a worthwhile investment for marketers.

Download the Cost Per Impression Study [pdf]

Save Water, Energy, Money, And The Earth

Shower TimerDid you know that every ten minutes in the shower you could be wasting over 30 gallons of water? This five minute shower timer is a simple way to monitor how long you really spend in there. This shower timer can save you water, energy, money and help prevent water shortages. The shower timer is a great giveaway to show  your eco friendly support. Everyone can use extra money, why not stop wasting it down the drain? Great gift for coporate offices, healthcare, schools, tradeshows, and events!

Benefits of Embroidered Golf Shirts

Embroidered golf shirts featuring company logos are a great way to display the professionalism of employees. Everyone is worrying about the economy and how it may be affecting their business, with budgets becoming tighter and unemployment uncomfortably rising. With all this worrying, it is hard to maintain a business and get the company noticed outside of the work place at the same time. While this economic battle is taking place, the most powerful weapon that any promotional products distributor could use is golf shirts. Promotional golf shirts are the secret for survival and success.

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Promotional Games and Toys

Promotional games and toys may seem like an unlikely giveaway gift, but they are very successful at tradeshows and conferences. These types of promotional products never fail to catch attention, and are fun. People tend to migrate towards a booth displaying toys out of curiosity, interest in the toy and a gift to bring home for their children. The fact that promotional games and toys draw traffic to the trade show booth makes these promotional items a successful marketing tool.

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