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Great Valentine Vessels!

Valentines day is coming up fast! What says I appreciate you better than a container full of your friend’s and loved one’s favorite treats?  We have a great assortment of valentine vessels that can come filled with a multitude of flavored goodies such as StarLites, Red Hots, LifeSavers, Jelly Beans, Hershey Kisses, Hearts, Colored Bullet Candy, Chocolate Almonds, Corporate Color Chocolates, Corporate Color Jelly Beans and more! Great for office parties to spice up the decor or to use as take homes. Or decorate with your logo and send to your clients to show how much you appreciate them.  When you finish the delicious treats, utilize the containers for your own festive decorations! Take valentine’s day to a whole new level this year with a multitude of sweet treats.

Holidays and Events Kid Friendly LOGO Expressions Marketing Ideas Outdoors Seasonal Products Trade Show Ideas

Trick Or Treat in Safety and Style

Want to trick or treat in style this Halloween? Now you can with this great Jack O Lantern cinch up bag! This bag comes in bright orange or black with a stock imprint of a jack o lantern on one side and a place to imprint your logo on the other! With a size of 17″W x 14 1/2″H it’s perfect to hold all the candy you can grab, and the straps also double as a cinch up drawstring closure so you won’t lose anything inside. The orange bag also comes with a reflective ink print so that your little monster can trick or treat in safety. Help make Halloween even more safe and fun this year with this great cinch up bag!

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Kickoff the Season with Some Fun!

Football season is just around the corner and with all the games and tailgating going on you want to be as prepared as possible for fun! Have some preseason games of your own. Grab your Large Aero Football and toss it around! This football is easy to grip and aerodynamic, which makes for great throws!  For a growing business, put your company’s logo on it and give it away at events! Your business’s name gets out and your potential customers have a blast! Build forever-lasting memories with anyone using this foam football.  Keep your summer going and order your Large Aero Footballs today! This fun football is sure to score that winning touchdown with your family or your business!

Gift Ideas Holidays and Events In the Office Kid Friendly LOGO Expressions Marketing Ideas Outdoors Seasonal Products Sport Events Trade Show Ideas Weather Related

Have A “Cooler” Summer

Those hot summer days can sometimes be unbearable, but something no one should have to endure is lugging a huge, burdensome cooler back and forth from different destinations. Think of all the times you strained yourself to carry this huge cooler to the beach, a family gathering, or even a hefty tradeshow/convention. Imagine how much easier it would be to be able to carry your beverages in one handy, little tote bag. You could spend all your time enjoying summer, fun-filled activities! For businesses, use the bag to your advantage and offer customers a drink, along with a tote bag of their very own. The Cooler Tote RX comes in Royal Blue and Black; however, no bag is complete without your logo printed on the front. Live the life of luxury with no strains on your body, throw it in a tote bag and head over to Summer Town!

Holidays and Events Outdoors Seasonal Products Trade Show Ideas

Party in a Bottle??? Pfft! Party WITH Your Bottle!

The night-time events are coming up fast. And with the warmer nights coming up while the sun is going down, there is something that all night shin digs need. That is light; and depending on the event, they can be in any color. It can be just a constant light, or it can be pulsing, changing and moving, to create an ambiance that fits the scene perfectly. Now there is the perfect additional light to add a little something unique to your next event. That is the Strobe LED Bottle, and just like your company or event, it is as individual and as expressive as you would like. You can have just a light that goes with the theme or company colors. Or it can change and dance just like your employees will at the function. These are also great for events outside of business too, for the pleasure seekers and night-time adventurers. Have a night bike ride, hike, walk planned? Going camping or to a bonfire and tired of losing your cup at night? With your bottle showing off you will never lose your bottle at the party. So add some life and light into your nights, your eyes will thank you.

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Get ready for summer!

Summer is fast approaching, and you know what that means…hot days, warm nights, and new summer promotional products! There are a lot of great new products available this summer, but one fun and creative summer product is the Fiji thong! The Fiji thongs are sandals featuring a natural banig leaf insole, perfect for those who do not like the usual rubber insoles. These fun yet functional beach sandals also include the very unique feature of a “logo foot print”. Your logo or message is imprinted on the bottom of the sandal so that it leaves your logo in the sand as you walk! These fun sandals are a unique and innovative way to promote your business to people of all ages. This summer, do not just leave your foot prints in the sand, but your logo as well! Promote as you go with Fiji thongs!

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Rain, rain, don’t go away!

We have all heard the old saying now and again that goes “Sweet April showers do spring May flowers”. This saying does ring true and although we do have the blooming beauty of May to look forward to, April can be cloudy, gloomy, and not surprisingly, rainy. But don’t let a little water dampen your promotional spirit; if life gives you rain, make promotional umbrellas! Rainy weather gives you the perfect opportunity to strut your business’s message with some fun, promotional umbrellas! One innovative umbrella that is perfect for a pair is the double-brella (pictured)! The double-brella is two umbrellas joined together to span over two people, making walking in the rain with a friend a snap. With the double-brella you can be assured you are getting the ultimate two in one deal! Another fun umbrella is the nimbus umbrella. Although the day may look dark and cloudy on the outside, as long as you have this umbrella your day will always be bright. The nimbus umbrella has a navy blue canvas on the outside, but printed on the inside is a bright and sunny sky complete with fun, fluffy clouds. This is one umbrella you diffidently can’t judge by its cover! Both of these fun, innovative umbrellas come imprinted with your logo to not just fend off the rainy day blues, but to spread you message too!

LOGO Expressions Outdoors Seasonal Products

Spring into Promotion!

Now that spring has finally arrived, now is the perfect time to take advantage of the pleasant weather with some fun out-door activities. I am not talking about hitting the beach, but rather hitting the garden beds! Gardening is not only a fun spring time activity, but is also great for business promotion. How, you ask? The answer is simple: The seasons garden tote bag! This fun yet functional tote bag has six pockets to hold all the garden tools and paraphernalia one would need! The seasons garden tote bag also includes some great tools to help make ones plants flourish; such as a trowel, cultivator, gloves, pruner and a weed picker. This great tote is imprinted with your logo to not just promote your message wherever it goes, but also where ever it grows! Whether you own a gardening store or flower shop, or you are just looking for a fun gift of appreciation to give to a client, this rugged tote is sure to make the right impression! So, this spring don’t just promote a more beautiful garden, promote your business as well with the seasons garden tote bag!