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Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming!

December has finally arrived and Christmas is not that far behind it! Even though Christmas is fast approaching, it is not too late to finish finding gifts for your valued customers and associates. Your valued clients and associates are important to you, so this holiday season show them your care and appreciation with fun and useful gifts such as a Hydration water bottle or an LED flashlight! The Hydration aluminum 20 oz water bottle comes in six vibrant colors and is custom printed with your logo! Each water bottle comes equip with a clip  so it conveniently clips to one’s bag. This simple yet brilliant gift is durable and your client or associate will use it for years to come! Another great gift for the holidays is an LED flashlight to brighten up those dark nights! The  aluminum LED flashlight uses fourteen ultra bright lights to chase away the shadows; with AAA batteries included. The LED flashlight also comes inscribed with your logo and is available in three great colors; red, blue and silver!   These flashlights are handy not only in an emergency but also anytime when the situation calls for a little illumination! These great holiday gifts are not only fun but also useful! With your company’s logo proudly inscribed, your associates and clients will remember your gift as well as company for many more Christmases to come!

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Deck the Halls

As we cheerfully wave good-bye to November, with a solid nod at Thanksgiving of course, it is finally time to set our gazes firmly on Christmas. That’s right, Christmas is coming soon, and holiday preparations are  already underway. With everyone gathering around the Christmas tree this season, it is the perfect opportunity to to not only spread some holiday cheer but also to spread the word about your business.  This Christmas gift your loyal customers,associates, and co workers with a cheery and fun Christmas tree ornament! These vibrant ornaments will add holiday cheer to any tree, while proudly displaying your logo. These ornaments come in many fun shapes and colors such as a snowflake, gingerbread man and even a dove! There is an ornament for everyone, and each ordainment is elegantly imprinted with your logo. This Christmas season gift your valued customers and associates with a cheery holiday ordainment to not only spread Christmas spirit but also your business!

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Greetings ,Holidays!

With October over and gone, November racing by, and December quickly closing in; your preparations for the various upcoming holidays are probably underway.
Although there are many tasks to complete around the holidays, one extremely important one is to send out your holiday greeting cards. Although a greeting card may
seem like a small thing, it can be very important to you and your business. What better way to thank loyal customers, associates, and suppliers alike than with a colorful and
positive greeting card? There is a greeting card for every person, situation, and holiday! Choose a fun Christmas card for your much valued associates or an elegant and cheerful season’s greetings card for your clients! There many varieties of cards available as well; everything from Merry Christmas to have a great new year! Whichever card you choose to end this holiday season, be assured that each card is quality print and in full color. Let your clients and associates know how much you appreciate them this holiday season with a fun holiday greeting card!

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Holiday Promotional Gifts

The holidays are fast approaching, and you know what that means…it’s time for wonder, wishes to come true, and presents! This season when you are looking for promotional gifts, think stuffed animals. A holiday stuffed animal is a great gift that can last, be used all year, and is versatile. A holiday animal can be a furry friend, a holiday decoration, a desk companion and much more.  It is a perfect gift for friends, family, and co workers of all ages. Each animal is adorned with a cozy piece of clothing such as a sweater or bandanna that displays a cheery holiday message from you and your company.Show you care this year by giving out these unique, holiday stuffed animals to those on your gift list. These quality imprinted animals are available in over 100 different styles and sizes. Spread holiday joy this season with these fun promotional stuffed animals!

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Humorous Hand Sanitizers!

Boost Your Company’s Image with These Fun Hand Sanitizers

snorkel character hand sanitizer
Fun Snorkel Head!


For your summer camp….
Kids, teachers, and camp counselors alike will love to clip these fun hand sanitizers to their lanyard, belt, or backpack. What a fun and convenient way to transport hand sanitizer. Comes with handy clip and fun little character head with cute snorkel and mask.


Hand Sanitizer with Kid Head
Fun Kid Head!

For your sports team….
What a great promotional product for your soccer, baseball, or football team! Or how about getting your summer camp’s logo imprinted on these memorable hand sanitizers! Any logo will look great on the 2″ x 1.5″ imprint area.



Funny Lady Hand Sanitizer
Funny Lady Hand Sanitizer

For hotel guests, resort patrons, spa lovers….
A clever way to get your logo recognized is to have it emblazoned on the side of this funny and silly hand sanitizer – perfect for summer! A destined conversation piece.




Hand Sanitizer with Gold Head
Golf Head Hand Sanitizer

For your golf event, fundraiser, or light-hearted corporate gift….
Any fun loving golfer would love the chance to clip this hand sanitizer to their gold bag and get a few laughs. Boost your company’s brand by making people laugh and get the functionality of a cool hand sanitizer on the go.



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Promotional Summer Camp Ideas

With summer approaching, so are summer camps! No matter what type of summer camp it is, handing out fantastic promotional products is a very smart move. One of the most popular summer camp items is the drawstring backpack, it not only holds all of the campers belongings throughout their trip, but is brought back home, used again, and is a way to promote the summer camp that they had so much fun at. Another popular item at summer camps are re-usable water bottles. Kids need and will be drinking water during their stay at the camp, but will also re-use them outside of camp and during school, letting all of the other kids know what a fun camp experience they had! Other great promotional items for summer camps are sunscreen, lip balm, and caps to help with the sun, which the parents will absolutely love that their kid was very well taken care of and will most likely refer and sign up their kids for next year! Some more suggestions would be lunch bags, apparel, blankets, flashlights, and camp journals. Promotional summer camp items are a great way to make their summer camp experience a memorable one!

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LED Mag-Lights

Maglite FlashlightsOnce again those dark and gloomy days of winter are on the horizon. Brighten up your life with these new LED Mag-Lights! Available in standard and “mini” sizes…these lights are ready to shed some light on the holiday season. With four colors to choose from: Blue, Red, Grey, and Black, they make for the perfect gift. The 2DLED light is 10″ (l) x 1 5/8″ (d) barrel; 2″ 1/4″ (d) head. The imprint area is a 2 3/4″ (w) x 1″ (h) barrel; 1″ (w) x 1 7/16″ (h) head. The smaller, “mini” 2AALED is 6 5/8″ (l) x 3/4″ (d) barrel; 1″ (d) head. With an imprint area of 2 1/8″ (w) x 7/16″ (h) barrel; 3/4″ (w) x 5/8″ (h) head

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Holiday Mugs

product_full_2768HO HO HO! Santa Clause is coming to town! With the holidays and a cool winter season just around the corner, everyone is going to be craving hot drinks to warm them up. These adorable holiday mugs are a perfect way to warm up the holiday season and welcome the new year! Just choose one of our seven special holiday templates and place your logo on both sides of the mug and it instantly becomes a perfect promotional product. It will make a great holiday gift for your employees and clients and also serve for great advertisement for your company when used. Santa knows when youre being naughty and nice so be sure to show your holiday spirit with your companies personalized holiday mug!